How to Pack for Holiday Travel, & How to Pack for a Trip

Traveling around the holidays is something we all do every year.  Whether it’s driving an hour to Mom and Dad’s house on the hill, flying to Europe, or perhaps your hosting the occasion.  Nevertheless, the preparation and packing for it is something we all tend to fret about, even in spite of it being the most magical time of the year.  So here are a few tips and things I do, that I thought might help you.

  • The Perf Passport

Having simple things such as your driver’s license, ID, passport, etc, all in one organized place is one of the best things you can do for yourself this holiday season.  Your passport is one of the most important thing during travel, so why not give it the best case.  Protecting your passport is one thing, but giving it style is just as important.  Adorable passport holder include a space for your passport, along with a few credit card slots.  They’re something that make airport stress go out the door of the airport or something (LOL, it just makes things a whole lot less stressful).

Passport Covers

  • The Multi-Purpose Shoes

I think we can all agree that packing shoes is something we all kind of dread.  Two suitcases later, we still are not budging on any of our Louboutins babys, even though we’re really trying to be a minimalist (I only packed three pairs of socks, that’s very minimalist of me).  Selecting the right shoes for traveling may seem just as difficult as choosing a ham for Christmas.  Maybe if before the trip we try to guess the terrain we may encounter (parties, galas, or slippery rainy sidewalks we slip on, then a cute guy catches us and saves the day.  That would make wearing the wrong shoes the best thing you ever did).  Okay I must confess, one time I was wearing 4 inch heels, and walking down a rainy downhill sidewalk with my friend.  Suddenly I slipped, and dragged her down too (I was not going to embarrass just myself here, I’m just kidding), it was raining like a tsunami or something.  We slid 15 feet before stopping, getting up, and laughing hysterically.  We didn’t have a scratch on us, thanks to it being rainy, but we were so wet it looked like we had just hopped out of a pool (perhaps this is why I don’t have a surplus amount of friends).  So now while packing, I try to look over my trip itinerary, and plan what shoes I will wear, while keeping the weather in mind.  Maybe if we do this we might just have a chance at a suitcase that weights less than fifty pounds, including the diamond jewelry (but that’s just one of my suitcases.  And what do they mean there’s a limit for carry-on luggage?  This is why I prefer PJs).  Here are a few essential shoes that have become must haves for my travels.  Just remember to always pack tennis shoes for morning jogs, no matter where you are in the world.


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